Mallory Everton is an actress and comedian on Studio C. In sketches she often appears in a relationship with Matt. She portrays Lady Shadow,[1][2] Queen Frostine, Captain Irony,[3][4] Katniss Everdeen,[5][6][7] the Worst Kindergarten Teacher Ever,[8] The Princess,[9] J. K. Rowling,[10] Yellow,[11] Minerva McGonagall,[12][13] the Peasant of the Welcome Mat, and Thor.[14]

Mallory was born on the 20th of September, 1989. Spent her first eighteen years of life in Portland, Oregon, where she grew up as the youngest of six kids. She came to Brigham Young University to study medicine, but somehow ended up graduating in 2012 with a B.A in film. During her senior year of college she started working on Studio C as a comedian.

Everton is also a good song writer. She has written songs for Studio C. Songs such as "Everything sounds nicer" and "Facebook friends " were written by her. She also has posted some songs she has written on Youtube in the channel fripplefrappleful.

No... She is NOT married to Matt Meese...