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Season 1 Episode 3
Air date October 22, 2012
Directed by Julian Riley
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Season 1 Episode 3Edit

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Mallory tells two truths, Whitney goes on a blind date, & Jason makes a new friend at the family BBQ.

List of Sketches (in order)Edit

Two Truths & a LieEdit

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ECON 101Edit

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Awkward FuneralEdit

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Blind DateEdit

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Zombie BBQEdit

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Evil Memory LapseEdit

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Featured castEdit

Cast member Sketches
Two Truths & a Lie ECON 101 Awkward Funeral Blind Date Zombie BBQ Evil Memory Lapse
Whitney Call X X
Jason Gray X
Mallory Everton X
Matt Meese X
Adam Berg
Stacey Harkey
Natalie Madsen X
Stephen Meek
James Perry
Jeremy Warner
X - Appeared
* - Voice only
** - Mentioned Only


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